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Language study plan

I'm exploring the possibility of a new language study approach in which I could be involved without too much compromising my other occupations. I would like to describe this idea, and evaluate if it make sense to expand and try out:

We would have 3 persons involved:

  • ENG native speaker willing to learn ESP

  • ESP native speaker willing to learn ENG

  • Intermediator speaking both languages

Phase 1 (Hearing)

The goal of this phase is to expose and familiarize both students to the language they wish to learn by hearing a native speaker (Urantia book reader) in the same circumstances. I believe we can achieve this through an intermediator who is able to translate, explain, and teach both in the process, making use of teachings from Urantia book as conversation topics.

Estimated time: Twice a week during 3 months.

Phase 2 (Hearing and Speaking)

At this point, students should understand each other much better. Building a relationship between them in the previous phase provides enough confidence for both of them to start trying to speak directly, again with the intervention of the intermediator when needed.

Estimated time: Twice a week during 2 months.

Phase 3 (Study groups)

With time both students should start to communicate each other directly without relying too much on the intermediator, evolving this partnership leaves them ready to continue the sessions on their on, and getting ready to participate in online study groups. Intermediator is now free to start working with a new couple of students.

Estimated time: Twice a week during 2 months.

Phase 4 (Meeting)

In this last phase hopefully student's relationship should be growth enough to plan a visit and meet each other. And in the near future be ready to serve as Intermediator and spread what they learned to others using the same method.


  • Of course estimated time periods could be adapted to the level and progression of students.
  • Students would have to complement learning sessions using apps like Duolingo or YouTube channels.
  • I will be studying this plan and see what are the pros and cons of it :)
  • This page will be modified and updated in the planning process.

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